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Lithuanian Caffeine makes its way to the US market

Lithuanian startup Caffeine opened a Florida cafe in Tampa Bay. In Estonia, the caffeine chain appeared in 2015. The executive director of the startup Nidas Kiuberis said that, thanks to the increase in quality in Estonia, there would be no access to the US market, the company said.

”Estonia’s market is similar to Scandinavian Therefore, we have decided to enter the Estonian market only after we have thoroughly developed the quality of the product, ”says Kiuberis.

He stressed that in the area of ​​coffee production, the Estonian market is an excellent laboratory for quality testing. This was the first highly competitive market where Caffeine tested its business model for strength, writes

In Estonia, a competitive advantage was achieved due to the fact that the company is engaged in roasting coffee beans on its own. It was also necessary to arrange training for a barist international level in Riga, so that the whole team from Estonia would be well prepared. This year it is planned to achieve a turnover in 1,5 million euros per year.

How will Caffeine succeed in Tampa USA, which is the Starbucks market? “Regarding Tampa, I can say that this is a forgotten land. Starbucks is present there, but is a lifeless concern, ”says Kiuberis.

He added that in the US and Europe there are big differences, so you need to constantly work on the development of new products. “Because of the climatic differences, all kinds of cooling drinks are popular there. In addition, you need to adapt to the local market, where people want to drive up everywhere by car, ”he says.

Caffeine network of cafes includes a total of 60 cafes. Today, cafes are open in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the USA. In Estonia, five of them operate in Tallinn and two in Tartu.

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