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Latvia will have to defend the traditional smoking

The following year, the Latvian officials and representatives of the industry once again have to prove the need for derogations to the EU rules in order to preserve the traditional smoked Latvian. This writes Latvijas Avīze.

At present, the current EU regulation provides for exceptions for traditional smoked fish and meat from the permissible benzopyrene rules to 5 mg / kg, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) to 30 mg / kg.

This exception will be valid until 1 September next year, so the Ministry of Agriculture now need to prepare arguments to defend the existing order of the European Commission. In order to protect producers and maintain the old rules, they must be reasonable and laboratory proven.

These data are currently collected by enterprises of the meat industry by implementing a research project on the impact of good manufacturing practice and to reduce the PAH benzopyrene level in smoked meat and meat products.

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