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Latvia had their milk jugs assistance € 6,2 million

Against the background of a deepening crisis in the dairy industry in Latvia, where the continuing drop in purchase prices and overproduction, as well as the growing threat of massive bankruptcies recorded extraordinary assistance amounting to 6,197 million will be allocated to dairy farmers.

euro, the government ruled today, reports LETA.

The aid will be distributed to households registered in the data center on agriculture, with the amount of milk in tons sold in the period from October 1 2015 30 years prior to April 2015 years if the farm registered dairy cows or heifers older 18 months.

We will support the producers registered in the system no later than June 10 2016 years.

Support will be calculated and paid up to 30 Jun. Rural Support Service.

As emphasized Minzemledelija because procurement prices of pork in October 2015 year increased, and the difference in price in May 2016 in comparison with July 2014 goals considered by the European Commission's view, permissible variations, the situation in the pig industry is not regarded as critical, and breeders more funds will not receive.

According to representatives of farmers' organizations, the help of dairy farms has been achieved as a result of pressure, and it is very important right now because of the support of the EU, probably obtained this year will not be.

According to statistics, in Latvia about 21 800 162 dairy farms and thousand. Milk cows.

According to forecasts, the summer of the purchase price of milk may drop to 12 cents per kilogram, which is the lowest level since 2009 years. According to the calculations of farmers, from August to August 2014 2016-of uncompensated losses of the dairy industry amount to 96 million. Euro.

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