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Латвия: Orkla Foods передумало продавать guys

In the spring of this year as part of the strategic development plan, the company Orkla Foods Latvija put up for sale its factory Gutta over Kekava. Proposals were received mainly from competitors.

Assessing the situation in the market, Orkla Foods leadership still decided not to sell production, reported portal DELFI Marketing Director Dana Ercina-Uzhanov.

According to her, to continue the company under Kekakoy will produce potable water "Everest and drink" Rīgas kvasa dzērienu ", are in demand not only in the Latvian market, but also exported.

Recall that Orkla Foods Latvija in March this year decided to move the production of juices, nectars and drinks from the juice Gutta in Estonia, and the production of drinking water and refreshments Gutta, including plant Kekava region were put up for sale.

Orkla Foods Latvija belongs to the enterprises of Spilva and Gutta.

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