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Latvia vineyards survived autumn frosts

Changeable weather this autumn has not damaged vineyards in Latvia, LETA was informed board member of the Latvian Society of Winegrowers and Winemakers Richards Ivanov.

"That early snow fell, the vineyards are not adversely affected.

Of course, neither any fruit trees, including the vineyard, do not like fluctuations in temperature, but now I do not see any extreme harm, "- said Ivanov.

He added that in the old days, similar weather conditions vineyards in Latvia as a whole experienced normal. According to Ivanov, the snow saves the vineyards of ice and, if it continues, no problems.

"Snow for us - it's good. All growers of grapes snow only pleased. If the ground is frozen and snow remains, none the vineyard does not freezes, because it is under the snow. If there is snow, the bitter cold and will not harm, "- said the expert.

Ivanov noted that the vineyards could harm the ice in the spring. Then it will be possible to draw a conclusion as will winter plants. This is affected by the thickness of snow cover, the level of the ground freezing and how strong will be cold.

Board member of the Latvian society of growers and winemakers could not say whether the grape harvest was in Latvia this year is better or worse in comparison with the previous year: the local winegrowers are not required to report the amount of the harvested crop. Ivanov added that the grape harvest this season compared to previous seasons for years ended rather quickly, at the end of September - early October.

Latvian Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers brings together more than a hundred people. The company was established in the year 2006, his goal - preservation of the traditions of growing grapes and making wine.

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