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Latvia has allocated € 6 million to rescue farmers

Against the background of the deepening crisis in the dairy industry, where the decline in purchase prices and overproduction continues, as well as the growing threat of massive bankruptcies, 6 million euros will be allocated from the state budget to support the industry in the near future.

As evidenced by the unofficial information of the agency LETA, the issue will be discussed this week in the ministries, and then in the government.

All dairy cow owners will receive help.

According to the statements of the representatives of the peasant organizations, the aid was obtained as a result of pressure, and it is very important right now, since the support from the EU will probably not be received this year.

According to statistics, in Latvia about 21 800 162 dairy farms and thousand. Milk cows.

According to forecasts, in the summer, the purchase price for milk may fall to 12 eurocents per kilogram, which is the lowest level since 2009. According to farmers' calculations, from August 2014 to August 2016, the uncompensated losses of the dairy industry will amount to 96 million euros.

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