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Latvian processors do not expect the new pork

In the coming months the price of pork in Latvia will not change or slightly below - such a forecast LETA was expressed by Chairman of the Board of the Latvian association of producers and processors of meat, Chairman of the Board Guntis Piteronoks Rezekne slaughterhouse.

Now the prices for pork have increased slightly due to rising prices on the European stock exchange, determining prices in Latvia, and the opening of the Chinese market to import pork. “I think the price of pork may drop a little - cents on 10 - but will actually remain at the current level,” he said.

The competition between Latvian meat processing enterprises remains stable as competing enterprises develop, said Pieronoks. As reported, after the annual stagnation this year, the purchase prices for pork resumed their growth.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in August 2016, compared with August 2015, the purchase price for pork in Latvia increased by 17,5% and amounted to 172,31 euros per 100 kg.

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