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Latvian bakery is planning to release the chocolate truffles for the Estonian market

By expanding the line of confectionery products and increasing export volumes, Latchi bakery plans to produce chocolate truffles for the Estonian market filled with the popular Estonian liqueur Vana Tallinn.

As told to agency LETA Senior Normunds Skaugis, produced in the Latvian market for chocolate truffles used Rudzupuke Latvia Melnais balzams.

“We have found a distributor in Estonia who will trade these sweets. Chocolate is a rapidly growing segment and we think that our product will be in demand in the neighboring country, ”he said. Latchi also exports its products to Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, USA, this year the company entered new markets in Israel, Italy, Australia and Germany.

The company owns 13 stores in Riga and regions of Latvia. It bakes about 20 types of bread, 17 types of cakes, pastries and cookies, produces seven types of chocolates and their sets. In 2015, the company's turnover amounted to 7,27 million euros, profit - 57,613 thousand euros. The share capital of the Latchi company founded in 1995 is 961,861 thousand euros, the owner is Normunds Skaugis. Last year, the company employed 292 people.

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