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Lukashenko: in the USSR republic imported shrimp

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that in Soviet times the republic supplied the Russian shrimp and herring. He said this at a meeting with Russian journalists, reports TASS.

So he replied to a suspicion of re-export of products manufactured in Europe. He rejected Moscow's accusations that Belarus is engaged in re-export of goods prohibited from being imported into Russia. "You're trying on something to protect, and then begins discrediting. We have introduced an embargo, and Belarus starts to deliver shrimp and even some herring, "- said the president.

Lukashenko explained that free trade "Brest" zone has a large-scale private enterprise that buys fish including in Russia. He added that the raw materials are processed and re-imported into Russia and that "it is normal practice".

In October, Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov named claims to Minsk about seafood exports to Russia unfounded. The head of government at the same time added that a number of businessmen, "some rogues, our with your Russian somewhere agreed" and engaged in the supply of Russian counterfeit products.

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