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Lukashenka: five crooks to the supplier's price

Alexander Lukashenko is dissatisfied with mediation schemes by which Belarusian products enter the markets of the Russian Federation. He stated 17 November in Minsk at a press conference for Russian journalists and bloggers, responding to a question from the representative of the Kaliningrad television and radio company "Cascade" Sergei Kirin.

The journalist asked the Lukashenko, how it is possible to provide a wide range of Belarusian food products on the shelves of stores in Kaliningrad, BelaPAN reports.

"Let us openly and honestly, directly. It is necessary to you dairy products, come to us, and we are huge, huge, such as "Grandma's Jug". Directly go to this company and buy her products without intermediaries, "- said the Belarusian leader.

"Tell us who directly supply, - he added. - The main thing that only without intermediaries, forgive as you have it made. Five crooks to the supplier - what is the price will be? I often say to the governors [Russian regions], they say, you tell us, call the name of the person who sells the products to the population, we will deliver it. "

According to Lukashenko, to Kaliningrad, in particular, the Belarusian food products preferably from the European Union both in quality and price. "Neither the Poles nor the Baltic states, or the Germans with us can not compete. They are very worried that our agricultural products from reaching the EU market, although ten companies they looked, and his arms were forced to agree [to put on the market], "- he explained.

The Russian market, Lukashenko said, is "premium" for Belarus today, in the sense that Russia is given preference in the matter of supplying Belarusian products.

"The Russian leadership, especially during the autumn-winter period, requires a certain volume of supply. We even take off from other markets to ensure that agricultural products Russians "- summed up the head of state.

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