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Mars will plead with the Belarusian "Onega"

Between Mars Corporation and Belarusian producer of "Onega" inflames controversy over violations of the rights to use trademarks. The cause of the dispute was a new product of "Onega" - bar "Tvіkers", which, according to the Mars Corporation, uses just two belonging to her trademarks - Snickers and Twix.

"In our view, the product violates the exclusive rights of Mars on the use of trade marks. Trademarks Snickers and Twix registered in Belarus, and the right to belong to their use of Mars - said Director of Corporate Affairs Mars in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus Paul Salikhov. - We intend to protect its reputation and intellectual property rights by all available legal means. "

The company "Onega", in turn, said that perceives with bewilderment the charges and reserves the right to defend its business reputation in court.

"Our company did not intend to and does not intend to copy anybody. Moreover, we do not know which brand we still hurt - "Snickers" or "Twix"? It is difficult at the same time "to be similar to the trademark" just two such different (including the appearance of packaging) of the product ", - said the head of the company" Onega "Sergei Mette.

The Belarusian companies say compounding bars "Tvikers" is "unique" and "product ingredients have been selected based on the results of market research."

With regard to the packaging of the Belarusian bars, to which most of all claims in the Mars Corporation, then "Onega" declare that the package "was created by our designers and meets all European standards. No wrapper colors or fonts or graphics do not copy already exists and is a unique development. "

The company "Onega" understands the desire of foreign competitors to "defend its position in the Belarusian market", but did not agree with him.

"Tvikers" - Belarusian product created in our country, has a name in the Belarusian language, and domestic consumer has the right to choose: to buy your product or bars, issued an international brand, "- noted in the" Onega ".

The commentary of the Belarusian company said that domestic producers is very difficult to win from large international corporations "at least a small bridgehead." "And we're trying to do it. That, of course, do not like corporations ", - said the company" Onega ".

The Company believes the charges against her claims "unfounded" and suspects that "it is - an element of the struggle with competitors from Mars».

However, the derivation of a new bar on the market, the company "Onega" used, in particular, social media advertising images, which present the corporation Mars products. Now these images from the Public "Onega" in social networks are removed, but they were some of the information resources, who wrote about the new product "Onega".

Note that an international corporation and previously had the opportunity to claim the Belarusian producers. Some time ago, the trading network "Euroopt" began selling in its stores chocolate bars Shocker's, which packaging is visually reminiscent of the world-famous bars Snickers. However, quickly packing batochnikov Shocker's been changed.

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