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Mars to save money package reduced Maltesers

Mars Company has decided to reduce the size of the package with chocolate dragees Maltesers. For such measures the management had to go for the sake of economy. This writes The Independent.

The publication notes, the "ribbon.

ru ', which was originally in the regular reduction of the size of the product expert drew attention to the food trade Steve Dresser (Steve Dresser). In his Twitter, he published the photo, which shows the inscription on the Maltesers packaging, according to which the inside contains 103 grams candy. At the same time on the price list next states that in 121 gram pack of sweets. From this it follows that the pills pack size decreased by 15 percent.

Later, Mars released a statement which says that the raw material for the production of chocolate products is steadily going up. "Trying to resist this fact, sometimes we are forced to make difficult decisions and to reduce the size of some of our products, so that customers can enjoy the sweets at an affordable price", - noted in the company.

Earlier in November, it was reported that for the same reasons the manufacturer has changed the shape of Toblerone chocolate, increasing the distance between the triangles. Thus, the weight of the product has decreased, and the packing size and the price remained the same.

Actions Mondelez International caused indignation among Twitter users who launched the hashtag #ToblerGone ("Toblerone died").

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