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Mcdonald's may pay "discount" fine

Mcdonald's may pay a $ 500 million fine for tax evasion in Luxembourg, the Financial Times reported.

In late August, the European antitrust regulator decided that the Irish government had illegally granted Apple tax breaks in the amount of € 13 billion, and ordered the company to reimburse the country for these funds.

As the European Commission is trying to resolve the situation with favorable deals, two US multinationals - McDonald's and Amazon - are potentially next in line, the newspaper notes. The EC believes that the management of McDonald's in 2009 entered into an agreement with the Luxembourg authorities in order to obtain a favorable tax regime in violation of EU rules on state aid.

According to the publication, RNS reports, McDonald's paid taxes at 1,49% of the $ 1,8 billion profit earned by its headquarters in Luxembourg since 2009.

If Luxembourg's standard tax rate of 29,2% is applied to corporate profits, McDonald's will be obliged to reimburse the country's authorities for $ 500 million.

“We pay taxes in accordance with all the rules and did not receive any preferences. From 2011 to 2015, the company paid more than $ 2,5 billion only in taxes from corporate income to the EU authorities, with an average tax rate approaching 27%, ”the company said.

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