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McDonald's blames Florence discrimination

McDonald's fast food restaurant chain will give the American lawsuit against the Italian authorities of Florence, who was not allowed to open a restaurant in the historical part of the city. This is reported by "BBC Russian Service" on Tuesday, November 8.

The company will try to collect 19,7 million. In the same amount it estimated its losses over the next years.

"We agree that the cultural and artistic heritage and historical buildings of Italian cities should be protected, as well as the tradition and the old little shops, but we are not ready to accept the discriminatory provisions that violate freedom of private enterprise", - stated in a McDonald's.

The company pointed out that when applying fulfill high demands and even agreed with the city trade controls over the use of the menu of traditional local products.

In June, the mayor of Florence has rejected an application for the construction of fast-food restaurants to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. "At McDonald's have the right to submit an application, because it is allowed by law, but we also have the right to say no," - he explained. the mayor's decision to support a special council, which controls the preservation of historical buildings of the city.

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