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Medvedev linked the drop in prices with import substitution

As a result of import substitution in Russian stores become more quality domestic products, which are cheaper than foreign ones. This was during a cabinet meeting, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, transmits Rambler News Service.

"The results of agricultural success, every citizen of our country can appreciate personally when buying products. People see that the policy of import substitution really yields results. The stores have become much more quality of domestic products, which are really more affordable than imported "- leads the agency of his words.

"Of course, it will be necessary to continue this work," he added.

According to the opinion poll, the results of which were published in August 17, Russians mark a slowdown in the growth of food prices.

12 August the Bank of Russia predicted slowdown in food inflation in the coming months.

In the same month, Rosstat reported that in Russia in the 2 percent deflation was recorded in the period from August 8 0,1. Prices fell a second week in a row - this was the first time since the year 2011.

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