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OIE recognized FMD free from Russia

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has officially recognized Russia as a country free from foot and mouth disease without vaccination. The corresponding certificate was presented to the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on May 26 at the solemn ceremony of the OIE general session, the press service of the ministry reports.

“The international community has recognized Russia as a country free from foot and mouth disease. This will simplify the access of Russian agricultural products to the international market and open up broad prospects for the export of meat products around the world, ”said the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev.

The delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rosselkhoznadzor, headed by Minister Tkachev, took part in the 84th General Assembly of the World Organization for Animal Health, which was held in Paris from May 22 to May 27, 2016. Within the framework of the 84th General Session on May 24 of this year, resolutions were approved on awarding official international welfare status to countries in relation to a number of diseases, including foot and mouth disease. The decision to award Russia the status of a country with a zone free from foot and mouth disease without vaccination was taken unanimously, the Ministry of Agriculture stressed.

During 2015, the Rosselkhoznadzor was working on obtaining by Russia the official recognition of the OIE as a country that has a FMD-free zone without vaccination, in order to be able to export livestock products from this zone to foreign countries. According to the procedure, applications from member countries are considered at the meetings of the relevant OIE working group, which are held twice a year. The materials prepared by the working group are submitted for consideration by the OIE Scientific Commission, which makes the final decision on the assignment of the mentioned status or the decision on refusal.

The Bureau International des Epizootics (OIE) was created in 1924 to fight animal diseases around the world. Since 2003, the OIE has also been referred to as the World Organization for Animal Health.

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