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MED will protect Russians from the powder of vodka

The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) supported the proposal to impose a ban on the production and circulation of “dry alcohol”.

“The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has concluded that there is sufficient justification for solving the problem with the proposed method of regulation,” the Ministry of Economic Development reports.

We are talking about the adoption of amendments to the law “On state regulation of the production and circulation of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products and on the limitation of consumption (drinking) of alcoholic beverages” and the RF Code on administrative offenses.

The Ministry of Economic Development indicates the uncertainty of the concept “ethyl alcohol in a powdered (encapsulated) state”. There is a risk of spreading the concept of “powdered alcohol-containing products” to cosmetic products, such as tooth powder, powder, blush, and dry perfume. The composition of this product includes perfume, which is an alcoholic solution of fragrant substances, as well as ethyl alcohol.

In addition, they write “Vesti”, the concept of “encapsulated ethyl alcohol” is not clearly defined, which can also lead to problems for manufacturers of powdered perfumes and cosmetics.

According to Vadim Zhivulin, director of the Department for Regulatory Impact Assessment of the Ministry of Economic Development, it is necessary to introduce a clarifying definition into the law.

“Powdered perfumery and cosmetic products are not intended to be dissolved in a liquid, so it does not fall within the definition proposed in the draft law. We propose to make an appropriate amendment, which will eliminate possible problems of law enforcement for perfumers and industrialists who use these products as raw materials, ”Zhivulin emphasized.

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