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MED Rosselkhoznadzor identified new challenges

As part of the program of support for exports of Russian agro-industrial complex (AIC) will change the principle of the Rosselkhoznadzor, he said during the Presidential Council on strategic development and priority projects, Acting Minister of Economic Development Evgeny Elin.

"In the first place, we will focus on the work of reformatting of the Rosselkhoznadzor, which successfully solves the problem ... to ensure that restrictions on access of imported products to the market. Now we expect to reorient its work on opening of foreign markets of greatest interest for priority products ", - said Elin.

To solve this problem, the project includes measures on the organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rosselkhoznadzor regarding maintenance of certification inspections of the importing countries, modernization of information systems security / agricultural products and foodstuffs for export, and pointed. about. the head of the mayor.

The task is to ensure an increase in the volume of exports by at least 6,5% (in value terms) per year, Elin said.

In the department rely on the export potential of a number of product groups: meat and meat by-products, fat and oil products, grain and processed products, prepared foods. The main task in this direction successor Alexei Ulyukayev called the creation of export support system for agriculture, which will provide access to the Russian / agricultural products to foreign markets, and said. about. Minister.

Also, RNS reports, it is planned to develop special measures to promote agro-industrial products abroad: creating a system for a comprehensive analysis of potential foreign markets, developing regional subbrands, and carrying out iconic agricultural events, Yelin said.

In agribusiness export support provided by year 2017 0,7 billion rubles., He said. He explained the relatively small amount of funds that the "basic measures are institutional in nature."

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