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MED supported online trade in alcohol

Ministry of Economic Development (MED) in favor of the resolution sale of alcoholic beverages through the Internet in the event of settlement of the question of compliance with the legislation of the time limit and the age limit sales, told reporters Deputy Minister Oleg Fomichev.

For the development of the consumer market is not over the Internet alcohol sales ratio, we are talking about the fact that e-commerce is now unjustly struck in rights, Fomichev emphasized.

The ban is justified absence of a clear mechanism to monitor sales. If we manage to comply with the rules on alcohol sales at a set time and only by the citizens, the Ministry of Economic Development sees no problem in resolving the e-trade in alcohol. "If we can solve these problems, then no other restrictions, why not sell alcohol through e-commerce, we do not see," - said Fomichev.

To regulate online sales can, in particular, by allowing purchases only through bank cards that are issued only to adults, suggested the deputy minister. “Other options are largely related to increasing the responsibility of online stores themselves, introducing a tougher form of market access for them, up to accreditation or licensing of such trade and toughening for those who want to sell alcohol in fact control by the regulator”, - pointed out Fomichev.

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