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MED against changes to the technical regulations of IVS

Ministry of Economic Development (MED) issued a negative opinion on the draft amendments to the technical regulations of the Customs Union on oil and fat products (IVS), according to the agency.

"The draft act is supposed to establish the requirements for the transport of oil and set the numerical value of the refining criteria at 0,9 mEq / kg", - said in a statement.

Ministry of Economic Development argues that the need to reduce the peroxide number from the 10 0,9 to mEq / kg is not of a scientific justification.

In addition, one of the proposals was to the mandatory installation of the tank on the inner surface of stainless or low carbon steel.

"Replacement of the existing fleet of tanks only in the Russian Federation will require investment of up to 18 billion and a term of three to six years. Information on the amount of traffic from other countries - members of the Eurasian Economic Union, the developer has not provided ", - said the director of the Department of Regulatory Impact Assessment Ministry of Economic Development Vadim Zhivulin.

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