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MED has divided the beer market, wine and spirits

Working Group to improve the effectiveness of regulation and competition in the alcohol market, chaired by Deputy Economic Development (MED) of the Russian Federation Oleg Fomichev supported the introduction of a separate regulation of the market of beer, wine and spirits, RIA Novosti reported, the meeting.

"Concept listened, took notes. We talked about what we need to prepare a new concept 171-th federal law (the regulation of production and turnover of alcohol products - ed.) To separate the regulation of wine, beer and spirits. Solutions can say when it will be a document ", - he told the agency head of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia Leonid Popovich.

In turn, the head of the Center for Federal and Regional Alcohol Market Studies (TSIFRRA) Vadim Drobiz noted that the parties have come to understand the need for a fundamental change in the law.

“Either make three separate laws - strong alcohol, beer law and the law on wine production. Either do all this in the framework of 171-FZ, that is, take into account the concept of winemaking, the concept of beer, ask to prepare the producers of strong alcohol their concept of regulation. Apparently, with such an initiative, the working group will come out to the government commission, on the creation of these three concepts, and on the change in the framework of the 171-FZ, ”the head of TSIFRRA said.

Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs of the company "SUN InBev" Oraz Durdyyev positively assessed the results of the meeting. "During the meeting, it was understood the need for separate regulation of the main types of alcoholic beverages. We are not so fundamentally, whether fixed our proposals in a separate law or will it be a chapter in 171-FZ m ", - he added.

The concept of separate regulation of beer production turnover has been prepared by experts from the HSE in conjunction with market participants. The document, in particular, involves the creation of a separate branch of law and the abolition of a number of restrictions on the sale and advertising of beer.

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