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Mexico once again drawn to the Russian meat market

Mexico earnestly hopes in moving towards the resumption of the supply of its beef to Russia for talks with representatives of Russia in Paris at the OECD activities in late May, told RIA Novosti on Thursday the head of the national service for health, safety and quality of agricultural products of the Latin American countries (SENASICA) Enrique Sanchez Cruz.

“The idea is that in the near future there will be a meeting in Paris within the OECD between the leadership of the veterinary authorities of Mexico and Russia, in order to continue the negotiations, we are open,” Sanchez Cruz said.

Rosselkhoznadzor restricted meat imports in December 2012 year from Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the United States because of the presence of the banned stimulant ractopamine, which is used in livestock to increase muscle mass of animals. This additive is banned in 160 States, including the countries of the Customs Union and the European Union.

"Russia wants to receive goods without ractopamine in buying meat, we are ready to deliver it in the light of the conditions", - said the Mexican official.

"I hope that this year we will be able to start delivery, we very much look forward to meet the OECD between the phytosanitary authorities of the two countries, so that they have worked the theme, and then we can re-open each other's markets," - said Sanchez Cruz.

In March, the director of import and export SENASICA Fernando Rivera Espinoza told RIA Novosti that the exact date of the completion of negotiations on the resumption of Mexican beef exports to Russia yet. He also confirmed that by the end of the year Mexico expects to resume such supplies. According to Espinosa, Mexico's total 23 companies involved in the negotiations on beef exports. At the resumption of the supply of pork sides have already exchanged a health certificate, which is necessary for such export-import operations.

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