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Microsoft has registered MAYKOR-GMCS CRM-solution for manufacturing companies

Microsoft in Russia registered MAYKOR-GMCS CRM-solution for manufacturing companies in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The solution allows you to efficiently manage complex sales cycle production companies and improves the quality of customer service from the different segments.

The solution automates the process of interaction management with clients in key areas: processing of applications (including electronic trading platforms), the preparation of the offer, matching the production conditions, the conclusion of the contract, production control, shipping, payment and shipping of finished products.

Thanks to the work of the one-stop shop for the sales managers can see all the necessary information on the transaction and the customer. The decision provides for the ability to control the execution of sales budget. To simplify interaction with internal departments implemented mechanisms to attract, allows the sales manager to monitor the status of execution of tasks related to the sale.

Track sales effectiveness and performance of managers can use the sales funnel, as well as specialized data marts, customizable for specific customer problems.

"Manufacturing companies are different complex production and commercial cycle. Managing the office and production facilities are located in different regions. The developed solution allows us to standardize the sales process, optimize and synchronize the work of different departments (production, sales, marketing, etc.) involved in the sales process and the execution orders ", - says Anton Nazarov, director of the CRM business department, MAYKOR-GMCS .

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