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The Ministry of Finance plans to raise the prices for cognac

The Russian Ministry of Finance plans to raise the minimum prices for cognac. This was reported in a single portal of information disclosure.

"Raising the minimum prices for cognac will reduce the proportion of falsification in the alcohol market and make the industry more attractive to investors", - the document says.

The proposed cost of the size is not reported. Since 2015, the minimum retail price of brandy is 322 rubles per bottle volume 0,5 liter, selling - 250 rubles, wholesale - 262 ruble.

19 October "Vedomosti" wrote that the Ministry of Finance has proposed to raise excise duty on alcohol with alcohol content of more than nine percent in the year to 2017 500 523 to rubles.

In August, the agency planned to raise the minimum retail price for vodka with 190 rubles to 197 0,5 per liter.

In recent months, the Ministry of Finance has launched several initiatives to reduce expenditures and increase revenues of the budget. Among them, an increase of one percentage point in each of the key taxes - income, VAT, personal income tax, business property insurance premiums. In addition, the agency has proposed to complete the accelerated tax maneuver in the oil and gas industry, to increase excise taxes on tobacco, to enter the excise tax on beverages with added sugar, to introduce VAT on Internet trading, state-owned companies to increase dividends, refuse to pay pensions to working pensioners with a certain level of income.

In total, the Ministry of Finance proposed measures would bring the budget in 2017-2019 years 2,5 add nearly a trillion rubles.

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