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The Ministry of Finance proposed to introduce excise duty on beverages with sugar

Finance Ministry proposes to introduce excise duty on beverages with sugar and / or other sweeteners and flavors in the amount of RUB 5. per liter, write "Vedomosti".

The initiative is contained in the materials for the meeting of additional revenue in the budget for 2017-2019 years.

, Passed at the vice-premier Igor Shuvalov this week. According to the newspaper, which is familiarized with the materials, the Ministry of Finance believes that the excise tax will increase revenue in the city on 2017 25 billion rubles, in 2018, the -. On 27 billion rubles. and in the city of 2019 - 28 billion rubles on. The official financial and economic block and the other federal official confirmed the publication of these calculations.

The interlocutors of the newspaper did not specify which individual beverages planned to charge excise duty. Representatives of Shuvalov and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich declined to comment, a representative of the Ministry of Finance did not respond to the request.

Excise duty on soft drinks will be disastrous for the industry, he has expressed the opinion publication President of the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks (WIS) Dmitry Petrov. According to him, the sale of soft drinks for certain categories of the crisis has decreased over the year 10-15% in real terms. The rise in price of drinks at 1% leads to a drop in their sales to 1,5%, Petrov said. That is, the introduction of the proposed size of the excise tax for drinks cost about 30 rbl., Which is almost half of the market will fall by 20-25%, estimated by experts.

The fact that the Finance Ministry is discussing the introduction of a 2017 years the excise tax on sugary drinks and liquid used in electronic cigarettes, announced in April, Deputy Minister Ilya Trunin. The official noted the difficulty in establishing the mechanisms for calculating excise taxes, but said that in any case, the rate of excise duty on these products will be lower than for alcohol and beer.

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