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Mini-brewery is asked to understand and support

"Support of Russia" asks Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to release mini-breweries and sellers of their products from the need to connect to the EGAIS, writes Kommersant. The total costs of such entrepreneurs due to the use of the system increased by at least 12 billion rubles.

per year, which is four times higher than the volume of excises received from small breweries.

Today, the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev will hold a working meeting on the implementation of the EGAIS, told several of its participants and confirmed the press secretary of the prime minister, Natalia Timakova. "The support of Russia," whose representatives were not invited to the meeting, sent a letter to Mr. Medvedev yesterday signed by his president, Alexander Kalinin. It says that the introduction of the EGAIS (for beer from 1 January 2016) "significantly complicated the economic situation of small businesses producing beer, beer drinks, cider, poare, mead in quantities of no more than 300 thousand per year," the number of which , according to the organization, today in Russia is about 1 thousand. In 2015, it was said in a letter, they issued 15-18 million dal, from which excises were paid in the amount of about 3 billion rubles. Sales of their products are handled by at least 3 thousand distributors and at least 150 thousand stores of draft beer.

The total costs of all these enterprises for maintenance of the EGAIS are about 950-980 million rubles. per month or, respectively, 11,5-12 billion rubles. in a year, has calculated "Support". "Thus, for small businesses, the costs of servicing the EGAIS significantly exceed the amount of excises entering the budget," Mr. Kalinin sums up. In the explanatory note to the bill proposing the release of mini-breweries and sellers of their products from the use of the EGAIS (introduced to the State Duma in March by the deputy chairman of the economic policy committee Viktor Zvagelsky), the costs of this business segment are assessed even higher - at 3,5 billion rubles. per month (42 billion rubles per year).

Co-founder of the Brewing Brewery AF Brew, Nikita Filippov, estimates the monthly costs of mini breweries for maintenance of the EGAIS in 25-30 thousand rubles: they include additional costs for document circulation, payment for the employee responsible for processing shipments, as well as premiums for the accountant. Nevertheless, the main problem from the EGAIS, Mr. Filippov, is not expenditure, but the technical imperfection of the system: "It's as if your only available text editor is constantly flying out, does not save texts, changes fonts, layouts and encodings, and any changes and updates you get through personal an application to the only client office in the city. "

"Support of Russia" asks the prime minister to support Mr. Zvagel'skii bill. Representatives of the major brewers, however, did not agree that the mini-brewery and sellers of their products need to make exceptions. According to the chairman of the Union of Russian Brewers Andrew jaws, withdraw from the EGAIS any separate brewing products technically difficult: "For example, there is a brand of beer" Zhiguli ", which produce both large and small breweries. How and who opte and retail will understand that, from whom it was obtained? "

An alternative solution to the problem of the increased costs of mini breweries and merchants of their products, Mr. Gubka considers the introduction for such entrepreneurs of tax deductions that will take into account the costs of installation and maintenance of the EGAIS. "We can voice this proposal at today's meeting with the Prime Minister, if there is an opportunity to speak out," Mr. Gubka promised. The representative of "Opora" says that the organization will be ready to support this proposal. At the end of last year, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin instructed the question about the mechanism of tax deductions for retail companies to purchase equipment for the EGAIS during the first quarter of 2016. Get a comment in his office yesterday failed.

According to Rosstat, in the first quarter of the year 2016 beer production in Russia increased by 5,5%, to 157 million gave, which, according to Andrei Gubka, may be due to the fact that part of the brewing products withdrew from the shadow sector through the introduction of the EGAIS. Meanwhile, in April, its issue again began to decline - by 2,8% to the same month last year.

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