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Ministry of Industry official in the dark

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has not received any new proposals for legislatively limiting the maximum amount of retailer fines for suppliers, the ministry’s press service told RNS.

"New proposals in Russia Mipromtorg not received", - noted the press service.

Earlier, the deputy of the faction "United Russia" Irina Spring reported that in September, the deputies will offer Russian President Vladimir Putin, new options for changing the law "On Trade". Among the options called the MP limit the maximum fines retailers for suppliers.

According to Yarovoy, "after the adoption of the law excluding overpriced retailers, the latter decided to compensate for the loss of profits by inadequately inflated fines on suppliers."

Head of social control and Trade of FAS Timothy Nizhegorodtsev, in turn, said that FAS supports the idea of ​​deputies imposing fines retailers restrictions for suppliers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in early July signed into law, including providing for reduction of the maximum size retrobonusov retailers to 5%. According to the new version of "Trade" of the law is also declining terms of payment of the goods supplied by retailers. The law came into force 10 days after signing, so in accordance with the document of new contracts between suppliers and retailers should be concluded under the new rules from July 15 2016 years. Previously concluded contracts must be brought into line with the new version of "Trade" of the law before the start of the year 2017.

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