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Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture claims from Russia did not receive

From Russia have not yet received any complaints regarding the quality of the supplied vegetables and fruits Cairo, said the head of management of the plant quarantine service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt Ibrahim Imbaba.

"There are no statements from Russia about the arrest or complaints of Egyptian agricultural products", - the official said in an interview with the newspaper Shorouk News. According to him, cooperation between the two countries in the agricultural sector can be called positive.

13 September Rosselkhoznadzor said that on the eve of the mass of citrus shipments from Egypt he worrisome facts "systematic violations of international and Russian phytosanitary requirements for shipments of regulated products from that country." The Office noted that "Rosselkhoznadzor reserves the right to introduce temporary restrictions on the import of Russian products of high phytosanitary risk originating from Egypt.

Earlier it was reported that in late August, Egypt imposed a ban on the import of imported wheat with an ergot fungus higher than 0%. The ban followed a tightening of the rules of agricultural quarantine after the Egyptian port of Damietta was detained 30 tons of wheat from Russia, which, according to the Egyptian side, was infected with a fungus.

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