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Ministry of Agriculture intends to supply up to 1 million tons of meat

The Ministry of Agriculture plans to increase exports of Russian meat to the year before 2020 1 million tons a year, said Minister of Agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev, in the course of the Presidential Council on strategic development and priority projects.

"Our task is to 2020 year, that is, in five years, the volume of meat exports increased to 1 million tons. So, we are generally able to grain and meat products obtained through export about $ 25 billion, that is not $ 15 billion as today ", - said Tkachev.

Tkachev noted that Russia's prospects for export of meat is higher than the export of grain.

"On the grain market, we note the export of about 35-40 million tons, and we have increased the number of countries to which we export grain for the last two years 60 to 100 ... And if Grains we practically limited by the number, then the meat, of course, we great prospects. I would like to inform you that for the last year we have increased 60% in the volume of exports, ie 150 thousand tons ", -. Tkachev said.

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