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USDA expects record grain yields

Russia in 2016 year may harvest a record grain harvest - to 115-116 million tons, said Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

"In fact, we have a unique opportunity to receive an outstanding harvest in recent years 25 from 110-115 million tons (because we removed only 80 percent of the area)," - said Tkachev.

"Today we will 115-116, which means that we have room to grow", - he added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture predicted that this year's grain harvest will be at least 113 million tons. In 2015, the grain harvest in Russia amounted to 104,8 million tons.

In the future, Russia may increase grain yield up to 150 million tonnes over 10-15 years, said Alexander Tkachev.

"If you take the world practice, a whole grain balance is constructed as follows: prosperous countries - ton per person; that is, to these calculations, we need about 150 million. Today we will 115-116, which means that we have room to grow ", - he said.

In recent years, grain yield has increased almost twice as stressed Tkachev. In this scenario, there are all prerequisites to growing yields, mastered new areas and returned the lost, he said.

"Ten, maximum 15 years we will be able to get these 150 million tons to feed the country and sold to export the lion's share of the harvest," - said Tkachev.

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