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The Ministry of Agriculture has supported the program "School Milk"

The Ministry of Agriculture proposes to develop a mechanism for subsidies to support the “School Milk” program. This was announced by the Deputy Head of the Department for Regulation of the Agricultural and Food Market of the Ministry of Agriculture Vladimir Volik at a meeting on food security in the Federation Council.

“We propose to introduce in the state program subsidies for the support of school milk,” Volik said. He stressed that it is important to implement this program through the subjects of the Russian Federation. “We propose to work out the mechanism of subsidies to our subjects for the implementation of this program. It is proposed to allocate a separate line and give a certain amount of federal money with a certain lever so that the subjects implement this program, ”he added.

6 million junior high school students can become beneficiaries of the School Milk Program. It is estimated by the Ministry of Agriculture that every day during 200 school days to provide schoolchildren with UHT milk in an 0,2 antiseptic package worth 13 rubles. apiece will require the allocation of 15 billion rubles. in year.

The implementation of the program will improve the nutrition and health of schoolchildren, as well as generate additional demand for raw milk, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. “We believe that if we launch it as a whole, we will support the dairy market, which now requires support. About five percent, probably in terms of raw milk, we stimulate, ”Volik added.

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