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The Ministry of Agriculture will wait until the fall

The increase in rates on short-term subsidies for farmers will be possible only after the fall of the budget changes. Ministry of Agriculture, which assesses the need for such state support in 30-40 billion rubles.

, Have not been able to achieve certainty as to the allocation for this purpose even 23 billion rubles., Already provided for in the government's anti-crisis plan. At the same time, writes "Kommersant", the agency has already begun to assess the need for additional funding in the next few years - for example, in 2017-2018 years for the payment of grants to beginning farmers need more 10 billion rubles.

Presenting the national report on the implementation of 2015 year state program of development of agrarian and industrial complex to 2020 years, Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev said that the industry for the year showed a three percent increase, explaining that a large-scale state support - 2015 billion rubles were allocated in 222, the AIC. (15% to more than 2014-m). In 2016 year, as previously reported, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the budget provides for support to agribusiness 215 billion rubles., But the government will seek funding for level as last year.

The main questions of the Ministry of Agriculture to increase funding are already known. Thus, the agency insists on increasing the support for short-term loans - to secure it at the level of 2015 years (. 836 billion rubles) Alexander Tkachev previously requested additional 30-40 billion rubles, but was prepared to accept and 23 billion rubles, already provided for in the.. anti-crisis plan of the White house (see. "Kommersant" on March 30). The Minister referred to the fact that in 2016 year to support short-term loans for farmers is allocated considerably less funds than 2015-m (13,6 billion rubles. Against 38 billion rubles.).

As it became clear after yesterday's meeting of the government, it was not possible to achieve certainty in the matter of allocating at least the resources of the anti-crisis plan to the Ministry of Agriculture - they remain reserved conditionally. The possibility of their allocation will depend on the budget possibilities, that is, de facto will not be discussed until autumn, when the government will fix the budget - it was confirmed by the minister yesterday. Note that for the month of the discussion of the issue, the assessment of the overall need for government support for short-term lending declined - yesterday the head of the Ministry of Agriculture spoke only about additional 20-30 billion rubles.

Another item of potential expenditure is support for milk producers. As Mr. Tkachev admitted yesterday, this area continues to alarm the ministry - according to the results of 2015, there was no increase in milk production. Note that the government regularly allocates subsidies to support dairy cattle breeding - for example, in February, its development was directed to almost 7 billion rubles. Subsidies, and in March - 4 billion rub. On the creation and modernization of dairy farms. Now, according to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, the level of profitability of milk production does not exceed 10%, which "closes the road" for investment. "That deficit, 8 million tons that we have today - we import milk from other countries, including from Belarus," we are not going to close in the near future, if we go at such a pace, "Mr. Tkachev was worried yesterday. According to him, the agency is developing a "road map" to support the production of milk.

In these circumstances, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday took care of informing the White House in advance of the ministry's requests for a more distant future. So, for the payment of grants for the creation of farms, 10 billion rubles are currently provided, while in the queue for their receipt, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, there are about 8 thousand people, and for its liquidation, the department will need another 10 billion rubles. "A fairly large amount, we understand this perfectly, but we see the desire and excitement of people to go to the agricultural business," the minister explained, expressing the hope that the possibility of allocating these funds will appear in 2017-2018.

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