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The Ministry of Transport has decided to bypass Poland by ferry

Russian Transport Ministry is considering the issue of the opening of the ferry line for the transport of trucks, bypassing Poland. This is stated in the message department.

The ministry explained, reports "tape.

rus ", that cargo shipments to the EU are already being implemented, including by ferries. But Russia intends to multiply the volume of such shipments in order to completely abandon transit through Poland in connection with the "unstable policy of Polish colleagues in the exchange of permits that does not allow Russian carriers to work comfortably."

Deputy Transport Minister Nikolay Asaul 8 November held talks with the leadership of a major supplier of transport services for the carriage of goods by ferries - by DFDS. "The meeting developed a draft memorandum, according to which Russian carriers will be able to deliver the goods, bypassing Poland, excluding the temporary loss of the road on the land and the need to obtain transit permits," - said in a statement.

The event was also attended by General Director of Road Transport Agency (ROSAVTOTRANS) Alexey double and Branch Manager of the Association of International Road Carriers (AIH) in the North-West Federal District Alexander Datsyuk.

February 15 2016. Drivers of trucks at the checkpoint of the Belarusian-Lithuanian border Stone log. Since the beginning of February 2016, Russia and Poland have not agreed on the volume of cargo, because of what flows went in other directions, including through Lithuania. Viktor Drachev / TASS

Company representatives promised to provide the necessary number of line freight ferries to meet the demand of carriers operating in Europe.

Ministry of Transport intends to develop the route in such a way to safely and efficiently deliver trucks with goods, keeping comfortable conditions for drivers. The parties are currently considering options of sea trading ports, where will optimally run ferry line.

Automobile cargo transportation between Russia and Poland since the beginning of the year 2016 suspended several times due to the fact that the parties could not agree on the number of travel permits. The conflict became tougher baggage rules of Russian goods across the border. The general director of the Russian Andrei ASMAP Kurushin explained that the new rules significantly complicate the foreign carriers the export of illegal goods into the territory of the Russian Federation under the guise of preferential bilateral regime.

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