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Global food prices hit record

Global food prices in August rose to a record level of over 15 months. On Thursday, September 8, said Food and Agriculture Organization (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, FAO).

Food Price Index FAO (weighted average, which tracks global prices for grains, meat, dairy products, vegetable oil and sugar) in August was 165,6 points. This is the highest figure since May 2015 years.

At the same time grain prices index in August was 143,6 points. This is three percentage points lower than in July. The cost of meat in the last month, almost unchanged, the index was 162,2 points. World prices for lamb, pork and poultry meat rose slightly, but the price of beef has decreased.

The price index for vegetable oils increased by 7,4 percent, to 169,1 point, for dairy products - in the 8,6 percent, to 154,6 points. The increased cost of cheese, whole milk powder and butter, FAO experts say. Sugar Price Index reached 285,6 point that 2,5 percent above the July figure. It is a record since October 2012 years.

In July, Bloomberg reported that Russia gradually takes a dominant position in the global grain market.

In the same month, British The Guardian wrote that Americans throw away as much food as they consume, despite the global problems of hunger and poverty.

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