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Miratorg is ready to work with McDonald's in China

Agroholding Miratorg admits the possibility of supplying meat for McDonald's in China. The president of Miratorg, Viktor Linnik, reported this to journalists at SIAL China 2016, RNS in Shanghai reports.

“There is such a job, perhaps it will be happening,” Linnik said, answering the RNS question, is it interesting for the Chinese McDonald's to buy meat from Miratorg. “Before the introduction of sanctions, we planned to supply (products. - RNS) to McDonald's in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, we had already worked through, and then imposed sanctions. This is a good channel to sell and enter the same Chinese market, ”added the president of the agricultural holding.

Linnik also said that Miratorg is cooperating with the American Shake Shack network and is starting to supply meat for this network to the UAE market. “There is a network Shake Shack, in Russia it is small, and in the Gulf countries it is huge. And we, in principle, begin deliveries to it. They are interested, working with us in Russia. As soon as we received certification for Dubai, we are now starting deliveries there, ”Linnik said.

ABH Miratorg is Russia's largest meat producer. The company supplies its products to a number of restaurant chains, including nuggets and hamburger patties in McDonald's in Russia.

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