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"Agribusiness" plans production of "Vitamina" in Russian

Agro "Agribusiness" is planning to localize the production of about 80% vegetable mixes in Russia "Vitamin". He told reporters the president of "Miratorga" Viktor Linnik at SIAL China Exhibition in Shanghai.

"We have a brand," Vitamin ", we sell about 14 thousand. Tons of frozen packaged vegetables. The product is in demand, and after the ruble devalued, this is another reason to locate production and will transfer it to the territory of Russia ", - said Linnik.

According to him, according to the RNS, now! "Agribusiness" is working with Dutch partners in the Russian technology to produce vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage in two Russian regions. "We consider two regions: Kaliningrad and the Bryansk region, there is something, there is something we (make). I think interest 70-80 we will be able to produce in Russia, and "Vitamin" product will be on 80% made in Russia ", - said Linnik.

The volume of investments in the production of vegetables localization President "Miratorga" refused to name, but noted that the company is considering production of about 50 thousand. Tonnes.

"I think if everything goes, may start next spring, a year or two will do" - he concluded.

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