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"Agribusiness" is planning to launch an online store

One of the largest agricultural holdings in Russia - ABH "Agribusiness" is planning to open your own online store that can cater to between 1 thousand orders a day.. Most likely, he says "Kommersant", the first stage of delivery of products may be limited to Moscow and the region where the holding has more than 40 chain stores.

Yesterday, "Miratorg" posted on the portal HeadHunter the vacancy of the head of e-commerce. In addition to launching the project, the candidate will be required to create an assortment matrix and manage the movement of the goods. In the list of requirements - experience in large online stores with the number of orders more than 1 thousand per day. This volume is the level of the average online retailer, says Alexei Fedorov, president of the Association of Internet Trade Companies (ACIT). He assumes that for "Miratorg" own online platform can be primarily a "showcase" for attracting customers to operating stores and popularizing products.

In the "Agribusiness" declined to comment on the project.

In August of this year, "Miratorga" functioned about 50 stores in the Moscow region, Belgorod and Bryansk, expanding to about 60 points is planned before the end of the year. Retail Holding network is represented in the main supermarkets with a wide range of products around the area of ​​600 square. m, says CEO «Infoline-Analitika" Mikhail Burmistrov.

The annual turnover of all domestic online retail in 2015, the "Post of Russia" and ACIT estimated at 760 billion rubles. Online trading of products in its total volume now takes no more than 0,3% (about 2,2 billion rubles), notes Mr. Fedorov. He assumes that the geography of the Miratorg Internet store at the first stage is likely to be limited to the territory with the maximum concentration of brand retail (in the Moscow region the holding now has more than 40 stores, it follows from the data on its website). The success of the project will depend on the client's ability to order the entire set of desired products at a time, the AKIT president believes.

"Agribusiness" will be the first of the largest Russian agro-holdings with private retailers who will online sales. In the Moscow region affiliate stores under the brand "Myasnov" is now "Cherkizovo" (25% for the network belongs to general director and chairman of the board of directors of Sergey and Yevgeny Mikhailov). More than 600 stores in the South of Russia controls the "Agrocomplex named NI Tkachev" (owned by the family of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev).

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