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MK "Don tradition" will grow another plant

The Donskiye Traditions company will build another sausage factory in the Myasnikovsky district of the Rostov region, RBC writes.

The decision to expand production was made in 2015. during a meeting with the Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev.

“The governor asked what kind of help we needed, and we asked him for land for the construction of the enterprise,” said the founder of the enterprise, Albert Khashkhaev.

The area of ​​the future production will be 3 hectares, it will be located 1,5 km from the existing plant. The volume of investments in the project has not yet been announced. “We expect to build a plant in 3 years, launch it and bring the project to full capacity in 2019,” said Albert Khashkhaev. He also noted that the new plant, like the first enterprise of the company, will be engaged in the production of sausages and sausages.

According to Andrey Smurygin, Development Director of the Rostov office of the Solid investment and financial company, the fact that Donskiye Traditions are expanding existing production significantly reduces the company's risks. “In general, agriculture and processing in Russia have a tendency to develop. Since Don Traditions is rather a local production, the company will find a market, ”the expert believes.

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