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Expert opinion: the prohibition of beer sales IPeshnikami

The need for a ban on the sale of beer by individual entrepreneurs (SP), according to the Ministry of Finance, due to the fact that they often declare much less beer, than sell, thus concealing their income.

Certainly not all honest work, said Vadim Drobiz head of the Center for Federal and Regional Alcohol Market Studies (TSIFRRA). According to him, according to the RNS, the State believes that he will receive an increase in sales by reducing the number of retail, working with disabilities. In fact, the amount will remain the same, but the outlets will provide undistorted data and pay more taxes.

"Currently, beer, beer drinks, cider, poare (pear cider) and mead are in a privileged position, because their sale and production does not require a license. At the same time, since 2012, Russia has been pursuing a policy of reducing the number of retail outlets, including in the direction of unlicensed beer retail. Since 1 January 2012 years have been banned from selling beer in kiosks at stops, and the whole volume went to stores, which they were extremely pleased with. And with 1 July it was banned to sell beer to non-stationary sales outlets, although some of the beer is sold illegally. The additional turnover of stores from the sale of beer as a result of these measures was about 20%, "said Vadim Drobiz.

"Currently there are not more than 150 thousand. Entrepreneurs, who sell beer in retail outlets. If the ban is adopted, in my opinion, 75% of them are re-registered in the LLC and will continue to work. Therefore, the consumer does not notice there is no crisis. Affected, of course, business. Order 25-30% of small outlets stop their activities, because they can not work in the new system. As a result of lost income entrepreneurs themselves and the people who work there. According to my forecast, will remain out of work for at least 100 thousand. Man. "

"The growth of prices for the beer, I'm not going to happen. Re-registration procedure itself is not so expensive, so beer does not become more expensive for this reason, "- said Drobiz.

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