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Moldova has restricted the import of Ukrainian goods

Moldova issued a regulation restricting the import of Ukrainian goods, according to the "European truth". The decision will be valid until December 31 2016 years, according to RNS.

In late April, the Moldovan government introduced protective quotas and tariffs on livestock products and Ukrainian cement production.

As of the above products will be set quotas, and import of goods in excess of the quotas - the protective duties.

The quotas will be distributed on a "first come - first served". In the entire Ukrainian products in excess of the quota will be charged a fee: milk and cream - 10%, other milk products - 15%, butter and cheese - from the 15 20% to plus € 500 1 per tonne. Meat products will be subject to duty in 15%, and cement - 10%. Duties on Imports of milk and milk powder will not apply to local manufacturers.

The introduction of quotas in the Moldovan government explain the request of the local producers. The explanatory note also states that last year the volume of import of Ukrainian dairy products (sour cream, kefir, yogurt), grew up in 1,5 times, meat products - in 14 times, cement - six times.

The growth of imports of Ukrainian products in the explanatory memorandum explains the introduction of an embargo on these products from Russia. As for cement, the ban was a response to the decline of Moldovan exports of cement in Ukraine - both due to lower prices for Ukrainian products, and because of non-recognition of Ukraine Moldovan certificates.

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