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Moldova has so far refused from Ukrainian pork

The Moldovan authorities have temporarily suspended the import of Ukrainian meat products animals and at the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), RIA Novosti reported.

The corresponding decision was made Wednesday at a regular meeting of the Government of Moldova with taking into account the special committee on the emergency plan of action to prevent the spread of ASF in the country.

According to the latest data, in the north of Moldova suspected of an outbreak of ASF in two locations. Conducted laboratory analysis. As the government stressed, “a decision was made that implies a temporary ban on the import from Ukraine of animals susceptible to the African swine fever virus, as well as seeds, meat, meat products and animal by-products”.

"Do not underestimate the danger. Citizens and economic agents need to understand why it is necessary to ban meat imports from Ukraine ", - he said at the meeting of the Cabinet Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Octavian Calmac, Moldova has international obligations under the agreement on free trade zone of the CIS countries, so you need to immediately notify the Ukrainian side about the necessity of such a decision for the protection of the internal market.

In August, the borders with Moldova and Odessa area located near the Mykolaiv region destruction of domestic pigs from ASF was registered.

African swine fever (African fever, East African plague, the Montgomery disease) - a contagious viral disease of pigs. It was first registered in 1903 year in South Africa, it is one particularly dangerous according to the International Classification of contagious animal diseases. ASF is not danger to humans. ASF virus is not vaccine preventable and treatable in animals. Stop the spread of the disease can only be strict quarantine measures. In Russia, the virus spreads to 2007 years.

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