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Milkman Latvia asking the retailer "Tor" procurement

Latvian Central Union of Milk Producers (LTSSPM) found that in recent months in the retail "Top" there was an abrupt change in the range of dairy products network and local products have replaced imported, the origin of which is not always easy to establish, informs LETA.

Representatives carry out monitoring of dairy products in the Latvian shops for a long time, and a sharp change of policy in the Top Network has been seen in recent years. Local dairy products on store shelves is becoming less and less new orders almost gone, and this will inevitably affect the financial performance of local dairy companies.

LTSSPM appealed to the leadership of the trade network to review procurement policy and the sudden change in attitude to the local producers.

“We urge to reconsider the attitude towards local producers, taking into account the fact that the other two largest retail chains have pledged until December to bring the volume of products of local origin in the milk category to at least 80%,” the organization’s letter, which was sent to LLC Iepirkumu grupa, responsible for purchasing for the stores of the network.

Get comments network management Top stores on the issue failed agency LETA.

The Top Network includes 223 store in Latvia, which belong 19 local businesses. Turnover Iepirkumu grupa Ltd. last year amounted to 19,93 million euros, profit -. 3,4 thousand euros..

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