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The dairy industry is a critical milestone in Latvia

The situation in the dairy industry in the summer could become critical, and it is unclear when it will improve, he said on Tuesday, May 24, after a government meeting the Minister of Agriculture Janis Duklavs.

Summer in the industry - it is a period of increasing volumes of milk and the price increase is not expected. Also it is impossible to predict when the situation will improve in the industry, and there are signals that in the near future, Russia will cancel the embargo.

“We discussed the situation with milk producers, proposed a variety of different measures related to cancellation, transfer, reduction of taxes. But all this is connected with budget funds, ”- quotes the Minister of LETA.

One solution - to seek export markets for dairy products, and Minzemledelija together with farmers start the search. There may be ways such as the conversion of farms, and for each farmer's decision will be different.

On Tuesday, the government has supported the allocation of 6,197 million dairy farms to reduce financial losses and the threat of bankruptcy.

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