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Dairy Food Union already in China

Food Union became the first milk processing company in the Baltic, which managed to enter the Chinese market with its range of dairy products. In parallel ice cream exports have already begun leading milk processing companies in Latvia Food Union started regular exports of dairy products in China, thereby strengthening its position on the shelves of stores in Shanghai, BC Inform us representatives of the enterprise.

“The export of dairy products to China is the second consecutive step of Food Union to enter this market, and despite the fact that it lasted longer than the beginning of the export of ice cream, for the company this is undoubtedly a larger and serious event. If we continue to work as planned and increase exports, China will soon become one of our most important export markets, ”says Normund Stanevich, Chairman of the Board of JSC Rīgas piena kombināts. Food Union begins to export UHT milk (pasteurized at a higher temperature, which provides a longer shelf life) to China Limbažu Piens and Rasa in 200 ml packages, which are sold in premium Shanghai supermarkets in sets of 16 packages. Food Union products in China are offered as the highest quality milk from Latvia - a European country that has been developing the traditions of dairy farming in a natural, clean and green environment for centuries.

Since June this year, Food Union milk exports to China by sea containers two or three times a month. By the end of this year in China it is planned to deliver about 300 tons of milk. It is planned that in the course of the year, China may become one of the top five export countries Food Union, allowing the company to partially compensate for the losses incurred as a result of the Russian embargo on imports of dairy products.

Chinese dairy market is estimated at 45 billion. Euros, and every year it continues to grow at 10%. At least half of the total accounts for milk and yogurt, and the rest - milk powder and other industrial products. The following year, Food Union plans to expand its export portfolio, starting exports to China are also UHT-yogurt, soft cheese and other products.

Food Union is the largest milk processing company in Latvia, as well as the leading ice cream producer in the Baltic countries. Food Union Group unites three of the largest Latvian dairy processing and ice-cream enterprises - Rīgas piena kombināts, Valmieras piens and Rīgas piensaimnieks, the largest Estonian ice cream producer Premia, the largest Danish ice-cream producer Isbjørn Is, Romanian ice-cream producer, in a way to become a member of the country, and they’ ice cream maker Ingman Ice Cream. The total turnover of Food Union Group in 57 was 2015 million euros, including Baltic companies that provided 256% or 60 million euros. The group employs over 158 workers, of whom more than 2500 people work in the Baltic enterprises.

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