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Milk and yogurt Trikata will produce in Estonia

In order to expand the range of products and maintaining competitive prices Jelgava plant Latvijas Piens started cooperation with the Estonian company. In Estonia will be exported around 100 tons of milk a month ago and exported milk and yogurt, the agency LETA / BNS in the enterprise.

According to Latvijas Piens management, in the current situation the plant impractical to buy new equipment, but the situation in the market and increased competition forced to produce innovative products.

In Estonia will be exported first 100 tons of milk per month, and return there will be high-quality milk and yogurt for sale in Rimi branded network Trikata. "Cooperation milk producers - one of the ways to reverse the critical situation in which for two years running the dairy sector", - said chairman of Latvijas Piens Anita Skudra.

She did not name the Estonian company in question, but added that the opportunities for cooperation, and found one of the companies in the "old" EU countries.

Latvijas Piens currently exports its products to 11 States, as the largest sales market is Scandinavia. Exported 50% of cheese manufactured and simultaneously explores new markets. The company participates in the most important trade fairs in Dubai, London, in China and in Germany.

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