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Mondelis Rus again postponed the opening of the Novosibirsk factory

LLC Mon'delis Rus (part of the American group Mondelez International) has postponed the date of commissioning of the factory for the production of chocolate and cookies in the Novosibirsk region for 2017.

This was reported today to journalists Head of investment projects and programs of the Regional Economic Development Paul Volokytin.

He noted that the company itself does not comment on the reasons for changing the timing of the opening of the factory. According to Mr. Volokitin, Mon'delis Rus has invested 2,9 billion rubles in the Novosibirsk project. of the total investment of about 4 billion rubles.

In early October of this year, the director of the investment project of the company Maxim Rybakov told "Kommersant" that the launch date of the plant finally approved, and they will depend on the recovery in consumer demand.

Recall that the planned capacity of the Mon'delis Rus plant, built on the territory of the industrial and logistics park near Novosibirsk, is 50 thousand tons of confectionery products per year (brands Alpen Gold, Milka, “Air”) and cookies (“Yubileinoe”, “ Barney Bear ”, Tuc).

In September 2015, the company Mon'delis Rus, due to changes in the macroeconomic situation, decided to postpone the opening of the plant in Novosibirsk by a year.

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