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"Morshyn" - the first Ukrainian water which has received international recognition

The International Taste & Quality Institute (іTQі) has received food bags of spicy tasting products in food and drink from the world, including mineral water. Before evaluating the products of the ITQ, there is an independent magazine, before the warehouse, which includes 120 professional tasters - from home chefs and sommels.

The products are tasted at their best, without any signs of identification. A leather member of the journal of the product is assessed, as is the image beyond the scope of the expert expert. Also there is an aroma, relish, smack, delicious wiggle and color. Schob uniquely sub є activity, product otsіnyu є great number of members in the journal, requested from December. The best products are to make one of the most prestigious and bajanic products for the highest honors - Superior Taste Award (“For High Relish”).

The independent expert tasting in 2016 became a significant event for our country - first prize was awarded iTQi water Ukrainian production. Namely Mineral Water "Morshyn" slabohazovana won three gold stars "for the best taste» - 2016. This is the highest score of the jury, when the product is assigned a category "For the best taste." It can be compared with three stars Michelin, which are awarded to the best restaurants in the world. Another mineral water - "Morshyn" aerated - awarded with two gold stars, which corresponds to category "A wonderful taste."

"Few people think about the taste of water - the main beverage in the life of every person on the planet. Water can be very different flavor and character through different mineral content, nominated by the geology, soils and climate. So in Europe we always celebrate it natural water, to which man does not intervene.

"Morshyn" was just such water - it has retained its natural quality and has excellent taste, "- says the famous Italian sommeliers Giuliano Gianotti, a member of the jury of Superior Taste Award - 2016.

It should be noted that the assessment iTQi jury coincides with the opinion of Ukrainian. For the "Morshyn" is 15 times won the annual national competition "Choice of the Year", which estimated the popularity of goods and services among domestic consumers.

The International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels is an authoritative organization for expert evaluation and certification of gourmet products and drinks in the world. The evaluation of the products is taken by the journals from the qualified tasters and the knowledgeable experts in their field. Warehouse of journals is established in partnership with reputable cultural organizations and the International Association of Sommels.

Giuliano Gianotti is a self-employed person who is 40 years old with robots. He is the Vice President of the Belgian Sommelier Association, as well as a member of the journal of the International Institute of Relish and Ethnicity at the time of falling asleep in 2004. In addition, Gianotti entered the warehouse of the jury of the All-Holy Mondial Du Vin wine contest, the rating of wines of the Bordeaux GCVB and Svitovy Zmagannya Somelє.

"Morshyn" - natural mineral water that comes from clean Carpathian region. Completely absorbed by the body, as in terms of the density of the liquid is close to human blood plasma. Value elements "Morshinskoy" is optimal for table mineral water per day (level of mineralization - 0,1-0,4 g / l). Thanks to high-tech industries "Morshyn" is no additional processing and goes to consumers in their original form, without any changes in the mineral composition and physical structure of water.

IDS Borjomi Ukraine - a leading national manufacturer recognized expert in quality natural mineral waters because of products that is produced in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine and is the standard of quality to the highest international standards. The company is part of the international company IDS Borjomi International. IDS Borjomi Ukraine produces and offers the consumer a balanced portfolio of popular mineral water ( "Mirgorod", "Morshyn" "Truskavets", "Alaska" et al.), And is the exclusive importer of the legendary Georgian mineral water "Borjomi" in Ukraine.

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