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"Sea creatures" sailor Fedortsova shocking Twitter

"Fantastic creature" sailor in Murmansk - only now and talks about them. Roman Fedortsov put in a social network photo most monstrous fish, hit him in the Barents Sea and beyond.

In just a few days the number of followers on Twitter increased from hundreds to thousands of 49.

Collection of Roman Fedortsova updated almost daily. Images author accompanies the comments and create memes. Meet Now "Beauty-chimera".

This copy of the seaman christened "toy for adults."

Photos of Internet users shocked. Now actively discussing whether this is the result of mutations? What strange creatures all the more likely to occur in rivers, is no surprise. For example, such specimens caught allegedly in the Volga. But, as is known, is that the fall in the river, industrial waste. However, because the sea here.

Roman Fedortsov not as well known as his fish. No Self, zero percent of narcissism. This seems to be the only photo where you can see his face.

But goggle-eyed photo models conquering Roman audience. On the relationship with him is not easy to get out - people in the sea. Now - in the Barents, I have worked in Greenland and the coast of Africa.

Caught rarity. Here it is adorable - deep sea shark. It seems that one of the frilled shark. It can not eat for six months. For the man is not dangerous, but a terrible sight, even for worldly-wise fisherman.

"If I caught these monsters funny, I would have just yelled" Aaa "because it is not clear, it is an ide or some mummy", - said the fisherman and broadcaster Victor "Ide" Goncharenko.

But not all monsters are harmless. Deep-sea predator monkfish sucks in water along with the fish they want to eat for dinner. Or with a man. Like the video with a diver from Belarus. If you remove the mat, the hand was pulled out almost without words: “Maybe on the head with the hell? No, he grabbed me with a sea mouth. Quiet-quietly ... ”Terribly beautiful - these are deep-sea inhabitants. There is little light and food, water presses, because of the pressure drop, it also inflates on the surface. Terribly, but curious.

"Fish - yes, the fish are really interesting. Roman worked in different fields, in different seas. There are deep-water fish, anglers, viperfish. It's really interesting to ichthyologists, "- says Vasily Spiridonov, a senior researcher at the Institute of Oceanology behalf PP Shirshov.

What is the secret of success scary creatures? Some users are perplexed: “I am delighted with the popularity of Roman and his terrible sea reptiles. No matter how much I put my selfies without make-up, there’s no such rush. ”

People love us to spread out on the shelves marketers. Unusual for office folk craft - in the comments admire courageous sailors, asked to tell more about the everyday life of the ship. Interest in nature - "a wonderful next." bright images. But it is a non-profit.

"It is very much a random audience of people who are interested in the image. For advertisers valuable audience grouped according to some principle connoisseurs of fashion, people who are interested in cars, and so on. I think for him it will remain a hobby ", - commented the CEO of SMM-agency, expert in marketing in social networks Damir Khalilov.

The novel, according to the records, can not believe in the popularity of nautical guests. And users say: "Write more, terribly interesting."

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