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Muscovites defended vegetable pavilion

Residents of the Lomonosov district seem to be left without fresh vegetables and fruits - at least, those that can be bought within walking distance. There it was decided to demolish the grocery pavilion, which has long been popular with buyers.

However, Muscovites defended the entrepreneur.

“This shop is within walking distance. We come, buy two or three tomatoes for a salad. We go here every day because you don’t get hurt, ”said a resident of the Lomonosov district.

The owner of this pavilion lives in the next house. Individual entrepreneur Alexander Melnikov - a miner in the past, a tunneling engineer, at the end of 1990-s got a disability and went into business.

“Since I am an invalid, I need additional conditions in order to carry out the treatment,” says Alexander.

16 has been involved in trading for years. In the square on Maria Ulianova Street, everyone knows this grocery store. Locals buy greens, vegetables, fruits at their table.

“This store is on the sidelines, it does not bother anyone. There is never any garbage, everyone is very friendly. And most importantly - quality products, every day fresh, “- emphasizes a local woman.

“We already have regular suppliers. They tell us in advance when they go. Our products come from Krasnodar, Crimea, Uzbekistan, Baku tomatoes, and Dagestan. And these suppliers tell us: in two days we will arrive, we will bring a new product - and we are planning to work, ”the spouse of entrepreneur Natalia Melnikova emphasizes in an interview to the program“ Vesti-Moscow ”.

It turned out accidentally that this outlet disappeared from the metropolitan retail distribution scheme. The council says that this list of such objects is approved by the government of the capital. To continue work, entrepreneur Alexander Melnikov is offered to participate in a special auction for disabled entrepreneurs.

“The individual entrepreneur Melnikov is entitled to participate in these auctions in preferential categories. Addresses for which he can apply are being approved by the district prefecture, ”explains Andrei Zhokhov, deputy head of the Lomonosov district council for economics, trade and services.

Participate in the competition Melnikov will be on a general basis. Residents of the Lomonosov district hope that the familiar store will remain in place.

“I buy everything here. I don’t take either vegetables or fruits in any place in Moscow, because I know that I can always buy them here, and here I have exactly what I need, ”emphasizes the buyer Irina Schigoleva.

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