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Muscovite recalled "lean" lawsuit against Burger King

Muscovite Angelina Enshin, demanding a total of six million rubles from three restaurants in the capital for the imposition of religious views by advertising Lenten menu, withdraw the case from the court.

On Friday, May 6, RIA Novosti reported. Among the defendants in the lawsuit was listed restaurant network Burger King.

According to Yenshina, her task was to draw attention to the problem of religious propaganda in a secular state. "I do not see the point further," she said, noting that the trial "requires money, time and nerves."

The suit in the Presnensky court of Moscow was filed May 5. Enshin argued his action by the fact that at Burger King restaurant plagued her advertising meatless dishes. Enshin considered it an imposition of religious services and atheists form of discrimination. The petition also means the capital restaurant "Suitcase" and cafes Simple pleasures.

26 April it was reported that a Muscovite Ivan Sergeyev collected from a network of fast food, "McDonald» 200 thousand rubles for the use in the advertisement places verses of his grandmother Adeline Adalis.

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